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Moments in the Midlands

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Another month down

October 2013

“Life” got so busy here in the Midlands that my blog got forgotten about for a while.  This is the last entry from October last year.  I will be updating regularly from now on.  Since this post we have come full circle already.  The rich greenery and bright colours thanks to Summer rains – have started turning again.  Autumn reds and oranges and a crispness about the air, signals the change of season once again.

“Its a cold and misty Sunday in the Midlands today.  The grey skies bring out the green-ness of the new shoots.  Colours are saturated.  I have such an urge to go for and drive and capture this amazing landscape but my boys are restless and demanding today.

All those craggy old trees in the garden I thought were dead – have new buds on them.  The Oaks are in full leaf bloom.  The first red rose has made its appearance.  The air smells crisp and new but there is a chill in the air that feels like Winter is still hanging on a tad.

Perfect day to get my thoughts on paper and catch up a bit in the blogging department.

Well – I’ve been pretty slack about blogging this little journey. Can’t be totally sure why.  Despite being in the country and embracing a slower pace of life, my days are still incredibly full.  A lot has happened in the last month or two which hase kept me from penning my thoughts, but I’m back on track and will jot a note weekly.

A quick recap of the last 2 months;  we completely renovated the little store room down by the river into what is now THE BOATHOUSE.  JC’s pride and joy.  Once the final little touches are done we will be letting it out for short lets to special people.

Also added a new thatched roof and Moroccan style Loo and shower room to the Rondawel – still thinking of a good name for it.

In between all this building, having thatchers living on the premises down by the river, people in and out of the property day in and day out, Monty – my beloved golden retriever goes and gets Billary.  At first I think we’ve got it in time – he had injections and seemed ok.  Then he goes down hill (literally and figuratively) and I find him standing in the river, not moving, not doing anything.  I realise he doesn’t have the strength to pull himself out.  So I go and yank him up onto the river bank by his collar and he just lies there.   It was a long and painful Sunday that one.  First got my  friend Kaths’ husband to come over and help get Monty up to the verandah so he could lie on his bed in the shade.  Then later had to call for help from another kind friend to carry him to the car and get him to the vet in Howick.   He spent four nights there on a drip being pumped full of cortisone and billary killing drugs.  Came home on Thursday just in time for JC’s return from Zambia.  After a few happy days in the river he just went down hill again.  On Thursday, 26th September, we took him back to the Vet in Howick.  Doc said he had developed pneumonia thanks to the affect of the drugs on his immune system.  He needed to stay overnight again.  We were halfway home, just going passed Brookdale when the vet phoned and said he’d passed away from heart failure.  My heart broke……..


Thanks my furry guy for 10 years of unfailing loyalty, comfort, love and devotion.  You are missed and will be remembered forever.

Thankfully over this period I had my husband around and then my folks.  3 special weeks of family, fun and good humour.  Now – all of a sudden I am alone again.  Its quite a shock to the system.  In fact, I thought for awhile I may be having a heart attack.  Strange pain in my solar plexus which I googled at 1am when I couldn’t sleep.  Google reckoned it was either cancer or heart attack.  Moral of this story;  don’t google symptoms at 1 in the morning and expect pleasant news!

Needless to say – I seem fine :-).

Got Christmas in Cape Town to look forward to and a good catching up with old friends left behind.

Life and time to be continued……